Services | Midipreps (+DNA Sequencing)

Falcon 2059 Minipreps

Preparing high quality plasmid DNA is essential for downstream molecular biology activities or other biochemical and cell biology work. Many of our customers will prefer to undertake this activity themselves for a variety of reasons. However, for customers who cannot do this, or simply just don’t wish to, we can help!

We offer a range of services that encompass all aspects of plasmid DNA preparation and allow customers to decide how much (or little) they wish us to do for them. These services include:

  • Plasmid transformation
  • Colony isolation and growth
  • Plasmid DNA purification

We can easily prepare your plasmid(s) on either a small (mini-prep), medium (midi-prep) or large (maxi-prep) scale to suit your downstream needs. We can also sequence the resultant plasmid DNA to assist you further.

We encourage you to review the information below prior to submission of your plasmid-prep so that you get the most out of our service and so that we can achieve the best quality plasmid DNA prep for you.

Our midi-prep service page is currently under construction, but please email us at if you would like to use this service.

Do you need any help? Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.